2018 Annual HopeRaiser!

You are invited to the second annual OPEN HOUSE and SILENT AUCTION at The Homestead Community’s JJ House.   Spend time in community, enjoy light refreshments and drinks and help support Homestead Community’s mission: to create a community of homes and resources for children in foster care and youth facing homelessness. 1402 Grant Ave, Tacoma, […]

In Praise of a Dumpster

For the past weeks (and months) various dumpsters have been located in the yard at JJ House. Delivering, emptying, and retrieving those large containers is an expensive proposition. Except Homestead Community didn’t pay a dime. That is because one company provided garbage removal services during the entire process. They did more than that, but it […]

As Opening Nears, Need Skyrockets

We are getting close to move-in day for JJ House. By the first of April, extensive renovations to JJ House will been completed and inspections are happening.  Creating homes like JJ House is good business. A 2013 study showed that for every young person who ages out of foster care, taxpayers and communities pay $300,000 in […]

Grand Opening of JJ House

A new year can bring uncertainty and fear, but it can also trigger expectancy and hope for positive change. In the case of Homestead Community, January 1st marks the start of the final countdown to a historic event and the manifestation of years of faith, hard work, and perseverance. January 25th is the Grand Opening […]

If you are shopping for home furnishings or looking for design ideas, make it a point to go to http://www.atgstores.com. These are the people who are helping make the Homestead Community dream a reality. While you are at it, check out the great article on the partnership between Homestead Community and ATGSTORES.COM. http://bit.ly/2hrQrrZ

We have a winner!

After last week’s ‘soft open’ of Homestead Community’s first house in Tacoma, there was a drawing for a free night at Best Western Wesley Inn and Suites in Gig Harbor. The lucky winners are Isaiah and Latasha Haynes (IKE AND TASH). Congratulations! Good things happen when we come together to care for the children of […]