Homestead Community was founded ten years ago in an effort to provide housing resources to children touched by the foster care system and at risk youth. In 2016 we began to aggressively address this crisis by purchasing a home in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma. This House is a group home model we plan on duplicating as funding becomes available. We formed a partnership with ATGStores.com (owned by Lowe’s) and they furnished the five-bedroom home with new furniture and appliances.


Letter from our Founder

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Homestead Community! My involvement with children in foster care began the day I responded to an ad to become a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer.  Twenty years later, after acting as a “voice in the court” for these kids, and adopting a child of our own through the system, I have come to understand the real need for a place like Homestead Community to exist for these very special and deserving kids.

My dream for these innocent victims is that they will have a safe, happy, and comfortable place to call home until they are adopted, graduate from high school, or return to their family.  If an adoptive placement doesn’t work out, I want them to return to a familiar home, and I want them to be surrounded by mentors and families who will encourage and support them.

One particular personal story spurred me into action a few years ago when I received the case of a seven year old little girl who was in the foster system for her third time.  I watched helplessly as she was moved 19 times in a span of two years for various reasons, none of which were her fault.  I fought continuously for her not to be moved, but was answered each time with the limitations of a 90-day bed or the foster home "just couldn't keep her anymore".  She went through a failed adoption placement and was even more angry and hurt after that move.

It is painful to see these vulnerable kids get shoved from home to home, many of them to places I would never want my own child to live.  Due to multiple moves and a serious shortage of foster homes, these kids have a legitimate need for a stable place that is theirs to call home.  This is where Homestead Community comes in.  I want Homestead Community to make a positive change in the lives of these kids. I hope it will eventually create broader change as we aspire for it to be a model for others to use in their own communities.

We are starting by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and I believe over time we will be doing the IMPOSSIBLE!

Sue Braaten